Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Don Bosco Roga

Don Bosco Roga, Asuncion, Paraguay

This is where I worked in 1993:

Don Bosco Roga is the home that the Salesians founded in 1988 for children of the street. SInce that date, some 800 boys have gone through Don Bosco Roga, mostly from the streets of Asuncion and area, but also from other areas of the Republic.

Only children and adolescents that are literally living in the street, in other words, those that sleep, eat, work and play in the street, are admitted into Don Bosco Roga.

For those who work in the street, but who have a home that welcomes them even it is only to eat and sleep, another program is available which consists of activities of support and reinforcement, professional formation and breakfast.

Don Bosco Roga
Obra Salesiana del Menor
Cedro y Ecuador
C.C. 587 - Tel.: 553061
Lambaré - Paraguay