Friday, July 22, 2005


This is the most silly DH'ism I have had the honour of witnessing:

DH does not like to throw things out, I did not either until I realized (1.) how much better the quality of my life is without a whole bunch of useless objects in the way, (more space to put things, less clutter, easy cleaning, etc...) and (2.) with the exception of two letters, (that I am not even sure if I threw out or just lost...) I have not regretted throwing out or giving away any of it.

Earlier this year, DH had just finished putting up some new shelves in our office/computer room/hairsalon. He placed two shelves above the computer and five on the wall to the left of the computer. Two of the shelves on this wall are slightly longer than the other five. DH filled the shelves above the computer with a bunch of computer programming books. I filled one and a half of the slightly longer shelves to the left with my things and the childrens' things that I want to keep (baby souvenirs, report cards, certificates, etc). This left DH with the other half of the slightly longer shelf, and the three slightly shorter shelves below it, which he promptly filled, but still had things to put away. He then studied the shelves intensely for a moment, (remember, his stuff was on five and a half shelves, while our four children and I were sharing one and a half shelves). He finally turned to me asked me: "Do you really need all that stuff?"

Inside all the covers of each of my childrens' baby books, I have written the funny things they have said and done... (which you can read by going to my homepage and going to each child's individual page) maybe I should start a "marriage" book as well and fill it with some DH'isms...