Wednesday, June 01, 2005

War on Terrorism

Everytime I read articles about the american army suffering in Iraq, a strange thing happens. Quite similarly to my husband when the topic of religion comes up, my eyes start to get that far away look, then I start to fidget and finally I get up to do something else or leave the room. Actually, in my case, I just stop reading the article and go on to something else.

Not that I don't sympathize with the wives left behind or the soldiers that are sick of being there... (emphasize would be too strong a word, I have a hard time actually feeling moved.) It is mostly because of that absolute certainty of the nobleness and/or necessity of the war that also comes out in those same articles. Also the idea that they are the "good guys" fighting the terrible evil in the Middle East. I just wonder what the generalized evil is that they are fighting. Islam?

I do agree that Sadam Hussein is every bit the madman that Hitler was. But he wasn't trying to take over the world (yet) just killing off his own countrymen. And there are a lot of other countries (Christian ones, well to be more specific, countries in which the people if not the government are Christian) doing that too. The irony of that is, they are quite often doing so with the AID and TRAINING of the US!! (Please see the SOA Watch website for more details on the deeds of SOA graduates. A bit of research will reveal what CIA agents do in other countries as well I am certain...) I have a slight problem with a country going off to fight "terrorism" in another country when it's own closets are full of it.

I totally agree, we SHOULD go to war on terrorism. Put an end to terrorism now! Let's start by closing the SOA and all affiliates for good and never opening up another school like it again. Then we can stop providing terrorist groups with arms and money. Afterwards, we can start giving the money and international support to groups working for peace. Like the group in Colombia that set up a Peace Community (San José de Apartadó) and refused to shelter or aid to either paramilitary, military or guerrilla groups. It was supposed to be a place to get away from terrorism and war. Utopia of course because the military killed nine of them recently and the few who remain are targets. The leader of the 23rd brigade of the National Army who held six families hostage at that time, is a graduate of the SOA. This hardly even makes news!! Finally we could go about restoring respect for human life and dignity, starting with the unborn, the sick and the elderly.

I think we can all agree that communism was evil. And the end of communism was not brought about by guns. Instead it was a much more spiritual and intellectual war. If the REAL honest goal of the US in going to war on Iraq was ONLY to rid the poor Iraquis of their dictator (which if I remember well, the US (CIA, whatever) had once helped to bring to power...? Don't quote me on that...) then why not support the Iraquis in their struggle against him, instead of going in themselves and taking the country? The US is good at that, it wouldn't be the first time a Coup d'État was aided and supported by the US or the CIA. (Thinking of Paraguay and Panama for instance) and in a case like Saddam Hussein, I don't think anyone could blame the US for doing so. And the Iraquis would still have some national pride left over since they'd have been the ones victorious, instead of the US Army coming to "rescue" them. Problem, is it still isn't sure whether the army came to rescue iraquis or iraqui oil.

And we still haven't seen the weapons of mass destruction.