Monday, May 16, 2005

Five year wait for JP II waived...

"So the process of beatification for John Paul II has been accelerated."

My husband tells me this with just a HINT of sarcasm in his voice (Oh please, why can't the media just let the pope(s) be and stop reporting on the Vatican and its activities, I don't need to hear my husband's horribly uninformed and totally biased comments on every last thing the Vatican does.) "And what miracle did HE perform?" (His whole attitude just communicates how ridiculous he thinks the idea of John Paul II being a saint is.)

I explain he didn't have to perform a miracle during his lifetime, most saints never did. And beatification isn't canonisation, he would only be blessed. For him to be beatified, there has to have been a verifiable miracle, an event un-explainable by scientists, attributed to him, asked for by intercession on his part, and that my sister has already heard of one person who attributes his healing (which took place after JP II's death) to John Paul II.

"Which sister?"


"That's what I figured." (In other words, Dorothy is NOT a valid source of information.)

So then he goes on to compare the whole process to the huge Gomery Commission Scandal with the Liberal Government here in Canada. It comes down to the same, people in high places giving gifts to their friends. That's how low Benedict VI has gone in accelerating the process of beatification for John Paul II. Look at John Paul II himself, he just canonized people by the dozens, in 25 years he canonized and beatified more people than all the other popes in the last 500 years put together. (And this is a BAD thing? Something that actually compromises the validity of canonizations? Not to mention JP II's own holiness? Maybe he just TOOK the time to do it!! My goodness!! Is there some kind of limit to the number of people a pope can beatify or canonize? Good for him if he made it easier for people to bring forward the cases for canonization and beatification.)

It is impossible to dialogue with my husband on any subject pertaining to the Catholic Church because he only wants to have a bashing session. He only sees bad, and does not WILL to see any good in it. I finally asked what on earth could the beatification of the pope possibly change in HIS life, and why on earth should he even CARE how or why the Church is doing it? Then he actually asks me why I'm getting mad. Uhhh, first of all, that wasn't mad, yet... just disbelief and surprise at his attitude and mentality, (Uh yes, he seems to be surpassing himself recently and can still surprise me with the depths of his utter anti-catholicism, it seems to be getting worse or maybe it is just that he doesn't bother restraining himself anymore.) I simply told him that if he hadn't understood why yet, he would never understand. (And how could he? There is no cause or belief that means anything to him that I could even begin to compare with my faith. He is totally clueless.)

For the record, if I am ever widowed, I will NEVER, EVER marry a second non-catholic. One un-believer is definitely enough.