Friday, March 04, 2005


Went outside this afternoon to finish digging out the quintzee outside. Quintzee is the Cree word for the snow shelter they make...
The difference between a quintzee and an igloo is that a quintzee is dug out of a pile of snow, and an igloo is made of blocks carved out of the snow and piled up to fit together perfectly...
Jean-Alexandre and Dominic
A snowfort in other words...

Anyway, this one room is done, and I am digging out another one, and eventually I hope to have a tunnel linking the two.
We used to do this when I was young... and had great fun especially at night running around with flashlights in the dark and crawling through tunnels... I am hoping my kids will appreciate this as much...
Got my workout this afternoon!! Shovelling snow is hard work! Snow is heavy!!!

Kids in the snow fort