Sunday, February 20, 2005

Of dancing and other things

So I went out finally today and got two of those spiral notebooks, that should last me a little while. I sat at the kitchen table and wrote. Amazing how inspired one can be when one really has nothing to say and noone will be reading it anyway,... ha ha. But I do it just for me... DH wanted to know it I were writing a bunch of really nice stuff destined for him (read sarcasm in there) I said no, none of it was destined for him...

So on Saturday, I just may be going with the Rose Anne and a friend of hers out to supper at an Indian Restaurant, and then maybe for dancing afterwards...?! Woo hoo!!

I am sitting here listening to music while typing here, and Jean-Alexandre is reading a book beside me. Gabriel insists on sitting on my lap. We got up and danced for a bit, and now I am back... We do a lot of listening to music and dancing here. I am hoping that when Jean-Alexandre gets a little older he will take salsa lessons with me and then I can dance with him... DH hates to dance and refused to take lessons with me, the best I can get out of him is a slow dance.