Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Coucoumelle's New Clothes...

(Just as invisible as the Emperor's new clothes)

I need new clothes, if anyone wants to come shopping with me... Ha ha... virtual shopping that is, because I have no money to do real shopping, but I do need clothes. Want to know why?

NUMBER ONE REASON: I have lost almost 20 pounds since last November and my pants are falling off me!! YES!!! MY PANTS ARE FALLING OFF!! (ear-splitting grin)

NUMBER TWO REASON: Most of my jeans are either worn out in the crotch or in the knees anyway... and I have put patches on them, but still, they are worn out...

Yes, I am walking around wearing worn out, too large jeans... and probably will be for awhile... But I can always IMAGINE that I am buying myself something can't I?