Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Intellectual Orgasm

Someone told me today that talking with me was something like having a mental orgasm.

Apart from being a wonderful complement, it made me think of Christopher West's book Good News for Sex and Marriage. He describes sex between a husband and wife as a sacrament, as being the closest thing on earth to what we will have in Heaven being in Communion with God and each other. He compares sex to the Eucharist. Sex is something sacred, something holy, something extremely beautiful.

It is good to have friends on earth with whom one can achieve this type of "spiritual orgasm". Some people are lucky enough to be married to people with whom they can achieve both spiritual and corporal orgasm.

It reminds of a song that Enrique Iglesias sings. Actually one of the better ones in his repertory: Experiencia Religiosa. I don't know who wrote this, but I wonder if he knew how close he really was to the truth? I wonder if Enrique Iglesias ever realized it? Somehow I doubt it.

Experiencia Religiosa
Religious Experience

Un poco de ti para sobrevivir
Esta noche que viene fria y sola
Un aire de extasis en la ventana
Para vestirme de fiesta y ceremonia

A little of you to survive
This night that comes cold and lonely
A breath of extasy in the window
To cover me in festivity and ceremony

Cada vez que estoy contigo
Yo descubro el infinito
Tiembla el suelo
La noche se ilumina
El silencio se vuelva melodia

Every time that I'm with you
I discover the infinite
The earth trembles
The night brightens
Silence turns into melody

Y es casi una experiencia religiosa
Sentir que rescucito si me tocas
Subir al firmamento prendido de tu cuerpo
Es una experiencia religiosa

And it's almost a religious experience
To feel that I'm resurected if you touch me
To rise to the heavens entwined in your body
It's a religious experience

Casi un ana experiencia religiosa
Contigo cada instante en cada cosa
Besar la boca tuya merece un aleluya
Es una experiencia religiosa

Almost a religious experience
With you in every instant in everything
To kiss your lips is worth an Halleluia
It's a religious experience

Vuelve pronto mi amor, te necesito ya
Porque esta noche tan honda me da miedo
Necesito la musica de tu alegria
Para callar los demonios que llevo dentro

Come back soon my love, I need you now
Because this night so deep scares me
I need the music of your happiness
To calm the demons that I carry inside

Cada vez que estoy contigo
Ya no hay sombra ni peligro
Las horas pasan mejor entre tus brazos
Me siento nuevo y a nada le hago caso

Every time that I'm with you
There is no more shadow nor danger
The hours go by better in your arms
I feel like new and nothing worries me

Y es casi una experiencia religiosa...
Casi una experiencia religiosa...
Y es casi una experiencia religiosa...
Casi una experiencia religiosa...