Wednesday, December 15, 2004

From Hi5 - December 15, 2004

Dominic - November 2004
Went to see the dress rehearsal of the Christmas Concert at St John's School. I couldn't go see the real concert, although I had to drive Jean-Alexandre to it, to perform, and pick him up again later, not because I was unable to be there, but because they were unable to have me (and a few other parents too!) That is the first I've seen of limited seating at a school Christmas concert!!! We had to buy tickets to go, and then we were only allowed 4 tickets per family, (well excuse me, but we are 6) so anyway, by the time I got around to phoning about that, they were all out of tickets anyway. I just wonder why they don't rent a bigger hall, if they ALREADY know that they don't have enough seating... (unless they get that particular one free or for a low price?) Anyway,... I mean since we're paying for the tickets anyway,... they might as well charge a little more, (and specify that it is to cover the cost of renting the hall) and then rent a bigger hall... make it 5 dollars instead of 3!

It just serves to remind me how close-minded a culture can get... I mean people are so used to families with only one or two children, that they can't even fathom that anyone might have more than that!!! Look at any family special to go anywhere, stay anywhere, do anything,... they are always for families with two kids,... so what do we do with the other ones? Leave them at home? WHY HAVE A LIMIT? If anyone needs a break, it is a large family... so why not just have a MAXIMUM price for a family and never mind how many kids there are!!! It has gotten so bad, that now, large families are being indirectly discriminated against. Indirectly maybe, unknowingly maybe, but STILL discriminated against. They are definitely NOT cheaper by the dozen these days!!! Take soccer for instance... If you have two children in the Haut-Richelieu soccer league, you get a 10 dollar rebate for the second. If you have three... you get a 10 dollar rebate for the third one two... uh,... hello-o-o, we pay like, over a hundred dollars PER CHILD just to play for four months!!! A ten dollar rebate is NOT going very far!!! For the 3rd and subsequent children, to make it really worthwhile, HALF-PRICE would be nice!!! Or even better,... a MAXIMUM family fee... (And the mother plays too... another hundred or so for her as well... No wonder we have pulled everyone out for the time being... we're a bit tight in funds these days... by not signing anyone up for the winter session, we saved ourselves over $300 dollars!

I think I am going to send out some flyers this spring in my neighbourhood and invite the neighbourhood out to the park behind my house for some informal soccer... for those that would like to play, but don't have the money... Say, 7:00 pm every Tuesday and Friday or something like that... and we make up new teams each week with whoever shows up...