Sunday, December 12, 2004

From Hi5 - December 12, 2004

Today has just been one of those days...I had to scold Dominic a few times this morning because he wasn't following the rules and wasn't being careful. Then, driving home, I see this huge double-sized ad for some XXX sex shop, right there on the highway, for all to see (including my kids in the van) with a nice photo to boot of a woman in underwear on top of someone else... you get the picture... I mean give me a break please!!! If they have to advertise, (and really, do they? I mean, the people who want to find them WILL find them!) do they have to add PICTURES to it too?!!

I so DISLIKE Quebec and it's cult to SEX. They invade my life with their cult, I see their ads on the highway, they put their ads on Phonebook covers (front of the cover in prominent place so you can't miss it with two pics of women posing...) which I had to throw out, uh, excuse me but I'm NOT putting THAT on my phonebook!! And now some exchangist bar is putting an ad on the radio, usually in the evening, but even as early as 8 or 9, when I have kids in the car, and it just goes on to explain how unsatisfying being faithful to your spouse can be, and it is only natural to want to add some spice to your sex-life so why not come out and meet some other couples and exchange partners... etc... I mean, it's not just promoting the bar, it's promoting the actual LIFE-STYLE!!! And my KIDS ARE IN THE CAR!!!! Okay, so at the beginning the guy says, this message is not intended for those under 18. HELLOOOOO, do these magic words automatically block their ears so they can't hear the rest of the message? It might go right over the tops of the heads of young children, but not teens and pre-teens!!!! These are not the kinds of values I want to promote to my kids, and I don't want others promoting them to my kids either. If they want to do things like that, then keep it to themselves, instead of explaining it over the radio and telling everyone how natural and good it is!!!

It makes me wish I were back in Prince George. At least there, I had friends who were similar to me. Especially at Development and Peace, there, everyone in my D&P group was for Social Justice, AND pro-life. Hard to find people like that in this world, I have discovered. You either have the liberal people who might be very pro-social justice, or you have the conservative people who are very pro-life, but few seem to be both... So with the conservative people you stay away from social justice issues that are too controvertial (like the war in Iraq and Bush) and with the liberal people you stay away from pro-life issues and sexual morality. You're never free to talk about just anything. The Pope is one who is both pro-life and pro-social justice... such a good pope we have... and most people don't know the half of it... most figure he's just out to ruin their fun... It is their "fun" that is the core root of most problems that society deals with today... I know I sound like some extremist conservative saying that, but think about it, most of the problems in society today can be linked either directly or indirectly to sex and how people view it, and how they use it. (Or use others to get it.)

The problem with Quebecers is that they are like a huge gang of adolescents who reject everything their elders say, they want to start over, they think they have all the answers, they reject the good with the bad, they want to have fun and forget about the consequences. One of my friends laughed at me for being "English", not going with all the changes... I didn't like that. I don't appreciate being laughed at. Not all change is good. Change does not come with a guarantee that it will be good. I am not for throwing centuries of meaningful tradition out the window for change. When something is bad, change it, if it ain't broke, don't fix it...

I don't feel like seeing that friend again,... I realize we have gone down separate roads since I moved to Prince George and came back. He seems to be much more "liberal" than he was, whereas I have gone back to my more conservative roots. I have always been conservative about things like family values... I just compromised a couple of years after meeting Marc, but I came back to who I've always been and what I've always known, and I really regret compromising... I won't do it again.