Thursday, November 04, 2004

From Hi5 - November 4, 2004

Maryssa - October 2004
I STILL have that horrible sore throat. At least the pressure in my ears is gone. But my neck is sore because the glands in my throat must be all swollen too. I'm not so tired today, I got some rest last night, finally, although I can't say that it was without interruption!!

Jean-Alexandre  - October 2004
I talked to Marc last night and apparently he has the same thing! (Marc is in Winnipeg until tommorrow) He didn't have a problem with his ears though, he had a bit of a fever instead. I wonder if that is what Dominic had last week? Although I'm sure he didn't have a sore throat, not that bad anyway,... he was complaining that his neck was sore just under the ears, (one of the places mine hurts now...) so maybe it was the same thing, with different symptoms or maybe it's just coincidence and in his case it is because he had an ear-ache? If he had had a throat this bad, he'd have let me know for sure... :)

I got our family pictures done at Wal-mart in October (see new profile photo) I had to get Dominic and Gabriel's pictures re-done though, because Gabriel had his eyes half-closed (couldn't see that on the screen) and It looked like he was about to sneeze, and the picture we got back of Dominic wasn't the one we chose, it was one in which he was sitting so straight it looked like someone had strapped him to a board!!