Saturday, September 04, 2010

Men have a say...

The following is copied and pasted, but comes from letters to the editor of St. Catherine's Standard:

Men have a role ... and a say

By Paul Keetch
St. Catharines Standard
August 31, 2010
Re: It's not your place (Aug. 17)

According to Laura Ip, men should have no say in the abortion debate. How arrogant to dismiss a demographic that represents almost 50% of the population.

Men are fathers, citizens, taxpayers, and even abortion providers. But I guess that part is OK and convenient for Ip.

Using her own rationale, should unemployed people not have a right to vote?

If you have not worn a military uniform and served your country, should you not be permitted to comment on foreign policy?

If you are not of Jewish descent, then what possible knowledge, wisdom or opinion allows you to comment on the Holocaust?

After all, to coin Ip's phrase, "it really isn't your place."

The biggest irony of all is that the vast majority of aborted fetuses, especially in places like China, are actually female babies. Talk about a paradox.

Paul Keetch Port Robinson ON
He forgot to mention that, as former foetuses and persons concerned for the well-being of their own gender, men certainly do have a say in abortion.  Abortion affects everyone, regardless of age or gender.