Saturday, July 24, 2010

Re: Faith & Family Live! : My Fabulous Fashion Find

Read this the other day:  My Fabulous Fashion Find on Faith and Family Live

Seems to me, what often happens on this site, is that someone writes something like this, and then people complain in the comments about it being inappropriate. This time it's the fact that the image shows only one-shoulder dresses and that's indecent. I personally don't like one-shoulder dresses, because I think they look lop-sided, like they are missing something, but I don't think they are all necessarily indecent. But then some people I know think any sleeveless shirts or dresses are indecent, so I guess what is indecent for one isn't for everyone. I happen to be thankful for lower cut shirts and dresses because with my physique, anything highcut makes me look like a football player. I think it's all in how you wear what you wear. If you have a large bust and everyone can see the crack between your breasts, then perhaps your dress is a little too low. On the other hand, on someone like me, who has very little right there, and large shoulders to boot, the same shirt looks alright.
Also, as much as some people seem to be obsessed with letting it all hang out (which I don't recommend) others seem to be equally obsessed with covering it all up (which I also don't recommend).  God gave women curves, (well most women anyway, he forgot me) and I don't think he meant for us to pretend we weren't built the way we are.  If you understand the difference between sexy and trashy, and what is appropriate where, then you'll be fine.