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The Feminist Case Against Abortion and More

The Feminist Case Against Abortion
FFL President Serrin M. Foster
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Serrin M. Foster has led Feminists for Life of America since 1994. Under her leadership, FFL has advocated the Violence Against Women Act, enhanced child support enforcement and health care for pregnant women. The creator of the Women Deserve Better® campaign has focused on developing resources and practical support for underserved pregnant and parenting students. Her landmark speech, "The Feminist Case Against Abortion," has been recognized as one of the "Great Speeches in History" in an anthology called Women's Rights. She has moderated Pregnancy Resource Forums at top colleges across America, including Harvard, Stanford, Notre Dame and Texas A & M, and internationally at Oxford and Cambridge universities, among others.

What About MY Choice? Where's the Support?

FFL College Outreach Program Coordinator Chaunie Brusie
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Chaunie Brusie became a student mother her senior year of college. She shared her personal story as a pregnant student who challenged the status quo in FFL's e-series, Chaunie's Journey. Chaunie founded S.U.P.P.O.R.T., a campus organization dedicated to creating resources and support for pregnant and parenting students like herself. She graduated on time with her bachelor's degree one week before delivering her daughter, Ada Marie, and is pursuing her master's degree in non-profit administration. She has spoken on Capitol Hill and delivered lectures and workshops across the country. As a registered nurse, Chaunie has experience in both obstetric and critical care nursing and was awarded the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses Award in 2007. As FFL's College Outreach Program Coordinator, Chaunie helps other campus leaders, including those of the group she founded.

Victory Over Violence
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Joyce Ann McCauley-Benner was raped at 20 while working her way through college and chose not to abort, not knowing if her unborn son was the result of rape or of her relationship. She says, "I know what it's like to want to run as far away as possible from a problem, how it feels to hang on to 'if I wasn't pregnant anymore, it would all be OK again.'" Ms. McCauley-Benner, who graduated from college while raising her son, worked on a racial justice task force and currently works with victims of sex trafficking. Today she presents her speech, "Victory Over Violence" on college campuses and at Capitol Hill briefings. In addition to her lecture, she moderates FFL Pregnancy Resource Forums. A mother of two sons, Ms. McCauley-Benner lives in the Midwest.

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Angelica Talavera founded a pregnancy center shortly after graduating from college and continues to run it in her hometown in the Southwest. Her own mother was advised to abort her but risked her life to continue her pregnancy. Her mother's courage continues to be a motivation for Ms. Talavera. Ms. Talavera presents the perspective of a woman who works daily with pregnant and parenting women, particularly college age women, facing crisis situations and she sees firsthand how lack of support hurts women: "This failure to provide resources is a reflection of how far we still need to go to eliminate the root causes of abortion," Ms. Talavera said.

Adoption: An Empowering Option
FFL Board Member Jessica O'Conner Petts
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Jessica O'Connor-Petts became pregnant shortly after graduating from university in 1996 but continued with her plan to move to Washington, D.C. to work in public policy and row competitively. With the loving support of family, friends, and caregivers, she made an adoption plan for her birthson, including four joyful weeks with him after his birth. Ms. O'Connor-Petts later completed an MBA, and works with a management consulting firm in Washington while continuing to row competitively. She also volunteers for a number of organizations that serve birthmothers. Ms. O'Connor-Petts' birthson, his little sister and parents were part of her wedding in 2003, with her birth son serving as ring-bearer. Ms. O'Connor-Petts is available to speak on a limited basis in the Washington area.

Perception is Reality: Pregnancy and Parenting Resources on Campus"
FFL National Program Director Cayce D. Utley

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Author of FFL's Study, "Perception is Reality: Pregnancy and Parenting Resources on Campus" Cayce D. Utley has focused on the continuing development of FFL's College Outreach Program which helps schools create and promote resources for pregnant and parenting students. Prior to her work with FFL, she served as Deputy Director of Democrats for Life of America. The author of FFL's recent study, Perception is Reality, Cayce has led workshops on women-centered activism for students from schools around the country.

"Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women. Women deserve better than abortion."
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