Sunday, April 25, 2010


From Domenic's dad (the boy in Sweden who was state-napped a year and a half ago and still hasn't been returned to his parents - their crime?  Homesschooling him):
I had a conversation with the head of the ss the other day, Marika Gardell, I said, according to your belief and the social services, Domenic is not a changed and scared child after what has happened to him. Insecure and lost after losing his real parents and so on. She said no, that's not why he has trouble after the kidnapping, it is because of you and because he missed the community school for one year and bla bla bla! They also believe that a child suffers from growing up in a normal mix of children and adults, they call that isolation. We call it living outside the city, and it's still legal I hope.
So, according to Social Services, the kid is not doing badly because he has been taken away from his parents, but because he is still suffering from their influence, and from having missed out on a year of public school and lived in the country.

Incredible.  Just incredible.  Makes one want to go there, mount some super rescue mission à la Bourne trilogy, and get the kid and the parents the he** out of there for good.  Too bad they didn't make it the first time. (Kid was kidnapped from the plane, as they were headed to India.)  How can this be happening in a supposedly free country?  Poor Domenic is only allowed one supervised hour visit with his parents every month and a half.  HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?

Time to wake up Sweden!

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