Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gay Catholic priest getting married
"There will be Catholics who feel, because of their lack of understanding, that this is a very wrong thing and therefore will not be pleased," Clemens said. "But those are consequences we have to be willing to deal with because we feel strongly about the issue at hand, which is the right to be able to enter into same-sex marriages."

Umm... if you are a priest, you have sworn celibacy, whether you are homosexual or heterosexual. The Catholic Church does NOT marry priests, either to a heterosexual partner nor a homosexual partner. It also does not recognize homosexual marriage. So this doesn't make for a very valid marriage. This is one of those situations, like the female "catholic" priests, who think they are both catholic and priests at once. Just because you decide that you were going to be, doesn't mean it is so.

You can be "married" but it certainly isn't a catholic wedding. Not if you're still a priest, and not if you're married to someone of the same sex. In much the same way, I can make myself Prime Minister of Canada, if I want, but if noone else recognizes me as Prime Minister, it just makes me a wannabe.