Friday, July 10, 2009

What would we do with $400 000

What if a group of people decided to walk down the streets, semi-nude or even completely nude and started to engage in public sex acts, mutual masturbation, sensuality, etc. and called it the heterosexual pride parade? Would we get away with it? There's something wrong with the world when only one specific group of people can get away with criminal acts and noone can touch them. Equal rights for everyone right?

Let's be honest here, call it what it is: gay XXX parade. You know what? Go ahead and have your gay pride parade, but do you think you could make it something that, like any other parade or march or demonstration, if unsuspecting people happen across it, they don't have to do an about-face, cover the eyes of their children, or even leave their homes for the day because the parade goes past them? You want to have sex, keep it at home like the rest of the world does.

This article makes a very good point:
Christians get blamed for wanting to impose our morality on the general public by applying our faith to politics. How does this government-funded homosexual festival not impose a morality of its own? The question is not whether a government will impose a morality. The question is which morality will it be?
The article also makes another very good point:

Of course the point is not that we want $400,000 for causes that we believe in. The federal government should stop pretending to be a giant philanthropist and allow citizens to pay less taxes so individuals can put more money towards the things that we believe are worth supporting.
I agree. If the government stopped funding all kinds of things, we would save a lot on taxes, and then we in turn could choose to make donations towards the things we want to support. I'm all for paying less taxes, and choosing what I want to donate money for.

Besides, this parade is a political demonstration. Why is the government funding political demonstrations in the first place? Does it give $400 000 to the March for life? You could argue that this is gay culture and that the government funds cultural events, but XXX-rated things are not something that can honestly be shared with the general public and therefore should not be funded by the general public either.

Technically, you could also argue that the March for life is a demonstration of the culture of life. We do use that term quite often. With a few pictures here and there of mangled babies on poster boards, you might not be able to rate it G, but with a rating of PG 13 or even PG 16 it's still much better than XXX.

I wonder if we could organize a pro-life pride parade through the streets of Toronto, dress up in foetus costumes or pregant lady costumes or pose as physically/mentally handicapped people (one of the most targeted group for abortions), celebrate life and receive $400 000 to do it? Hmmmm... unlikely.