Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Development and Peace (CCODP)

Up until today, I have been a Share Year-Round partner for a few years.

In light of the recent interview between Gilio Brunelli and Lifesite News, until such a time as you have put into place a pro-life policy, I can no longer support you monetarily. I have cancelled my Share Year-Round contribution, and I will not be participating in Share Lent.

I am deeply disappointed, as I was once an active member and representative of D&P in my Parish in Prince George BC, involved in the diocesan council, along with other very pro-life members. It is almost impossible to find socialist-leaning groups that do not support abortion.

It was an honour to be part of an organisation that does so much to help change the way people think about the poor and to help make things better, without supporting abortion too. So many groups, even "catholic" ones, who do similar work, also support abortion. I congratulate you on being one of the few that does not support abortion.

Unfortunately, not supporting or advocating for abortion oneself is not enough. I have the checked the links provided to some of your partners in Mexico myself. The second organisation listed in the Red Nacional de Organismos http://www.redtdt.org.mx/wwwf/mexicodf.php is this one : Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir.

Page 29 of this document http://www.redtdt.org.mx/wwwf/agenda/C_3.pdf from the same Network states the following:

Se necesita hacer operativo el derecho que tienen las mujeres que han quedado embarazadas por consecuencia de una violación sexual de interrumpir su embarazo.

("It is necessary to make operative the right that women have who have been impregnated as a consequence of rape to interrupt their pregnancy")

Noone is accusing D&P of advocating for, supporting, or performing abortions in any way. However, by supporting groups, networks and organisations that advocate for abortion, D&P is indirectly advocating for the right of women to abortion.

There are ways to get around this, by funding similar groups that do not advocate for abortion, by funding projects directly, instead of passing thrrough groups, or by sending your own personnel in to work with these groups on projects without actually giving them money, which frees up money for them to put into funding abortion rights.

For the moment, I will be happy to support your work through prayer, through political campaigns, by advocating for change, signing petitions, sending letters etc.

Once you have developed a pro-life policy I will be happy once again to support you financially.


Jeanne Chabot