Thursday, March 26, 2009

Freedom of Conscience

(...) the Obama Administration is now proposing to rescind the Freedom of Conscience laws that protect health care providers of faith. In other words, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and hospitals will now be forced to offer abortion services or they could lose their ability to practice in their chosen profession.

We should all be very concerned. Just imagine if you or a family member had trouble finding adequate health care because those who practice medicine in your area had to leave their profession because of these regulations. This could be particularly devastating to rural areas or states with a high concentration of medical practitioners of faith. Both could be severely impacted because of the lack of health care available due to these new laws. Healthcare providers may resign from their professions. Hospitals will be shut down. And future doctors and nurses will choose another profession rather than be forced to participate in the destruction of life. (From UFI

Personally, I am at a point beyond caring. I say, let them try. Then those of us with a conscience can illegally seek medical care from illegal doctors. They can't force us to see legal doctors if we don't want to can they? It's our risk isn't it? Maybe that is what it'll take.